Couples & Boudoir
I'm Felicity Dane Lewis – your Louisville-based, Kentucky-raised best friend.
I specialize in photographs that capture the magic of you and yours –exactly as you are.
I relish in everyday beauty, wordless intimacy, and unexpected smiles–and I strive to immortalize those precious, magic moments for my clients.
I celebrate love in all of its forms and individuals in every phase of life.
I chase after the kind of love that lingers in the silence and the kind of beauty that lives permanently in our skin. 
Sound like your kind of style?

Let's make some magic.
I believe in eye-squinting, 
earth-shaking joy
(and I don't think we should settle for anything less – in our lives or 
our photographs).

The Experience

I want to capture more than just how you look– I want to capture how you feel. I want the laughter, the tears, the joy you can find in truly connecting with yourself and with those you love.

I promise not to put you in a 2004 prom pose, and in turn, I ask that you promise to embrace the experience. Laugh, smile, celebrate. Let me handle all the rest. 

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